We are excited to announce that the Shinda Basic School in Tanzania has achieved an enrollment of 192 pupils.  The most recent class has just completed their final exams and all sixteen pupils have graduated onto secondary school. Our primary goal is to continue to improve the quality of education and student performance to the highest rating.  

Through the help of The PETNA Foundation, construction continues with the target to complete all work in time for next year's class.  New chairs and desks have been installed for the upper grades, while the older desks and chairs are being renovated for the lower level grades. Enrollment will start between November through December this year with the help of parents to ensure the maximum number of children are enrolled for the coming school year.  

Over the next three years, the Shinda Basic School plans to:
- Establish a computer lab 
- Erect a fence throughout the school grounds for student safety 
- Establish transportation services and obtain a school bus to further expand the reach of its student body 
- Build a fully functioning kitchen and cafeteria 
- Add additional restroom facilities for the its younger students 

The Shinda Basic School is extremely thankful for all the generous support it has received and continues its mission as an alternative to government schools for local, low-income families. Shinda uses progressive teaching methods, which, when compared with typical teaching in Tanzania, are quite effective. This teaching style fosters critical thinking and problem solving.