The Power of Education

Education leads to sustainable, self-reliant communities. We believe education improves lives and motivates young people to improve their communities, thereby helping to make the world a better place

The PETNA Foundation’s first challenge was to help improve a village in Grenada. At the advice of close friends, our work began in one of the poorest villages on the island. Located on the outskirts of the town of Victoria, the village was once known as “Grand Provah,” meaning great poverty.

Since then, PETNA has provided financial support for many students to receive college education. Some of our students are working toward graduate degrees. Others have already returned to their villages to teach and rebuild their communities.

Benefits of Education

increasing self-confidence and self-awareness

reducing gender inequality

reducing social and economic injustice

helping people reach their full potential to lead productive, creative lives

In addition to providing financial assistance, the Foundation provides mentorship to students, families and communities in which our students live.

Benefits of Community Development

increasing family stability

reducing health problems and diseases

increasing local businesses and resources

increasing neighborhood safety and unity

In order to make a significant change in our world, we must directly impact the lives of the people living in the countries and communities that suffer.