Dear All, 

I write too express the gratitude of our country, my family and myself for my award of the 2016 Nicholas and Janice Brathwaite scholarship at McMaster University. 

From the conception of the Nicholas and Janice Brathwaite scholarship in 2013 (and even before that the conception of the PETNA Foundation), we have been grateful for the many generous contributions you have continued to make towards developing our Grenadian society. 

For that reason, I thank all of the Members of the PETNA Foundation Scholarship committee not only for awarding me the aforementioned scholarship, but also for becoming a pillar of support upon which the Grenadian community can rest. 

As I continue along the path to eventually becoming a Biomedical Engineer, I am guided by the footsteps of my role mode, Mr. Nicholas Brathwaite whom I first met at the 2014 SPISE in Barbados. I especially thank him and Mrs. Janice Brathwaite for their continued faith in the ability of your Grenadians to succeed and justify their investment. 

The dream which you have realized for me, and many others, will not be wasted.  My drive has been renewed by your confidence in my potential.  I am ready to live up to the prestige of this award and understand the responsibility I have to make similar opportunities to the less fortunate in the future and to assist my country. 

Out of all the many emotions flowing through my mind right now, the overwhelming one is determination. 

I promise to pursue excellence as I represent myself, Grenada and the PETNA Foundation. 


Yours truly, 

Ryan I. De Rigs