Seventeen year old Kieran Neath is a sixth form honors student at Campion College in Kingston, Jamaica. He is active in school leadership as a prefect; head of research for the Green Generation, the school’s environmental action club; and chairman of the Key Club. Kieran’s interest in citizenship has resulted in him volunteering as an election observer with Citizens for Free and Fair Elections, and he also advocates for primary education as as a tutor with the non-profit RISE to Education. As the 2106 SPISE PETNA Scholar, Kieran hopes that his experience will serve strengthen his interest in science. with a specific focus on biomedical engineering.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brathwaite,

Thank you for your generosity in sponsoring my participation in Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering. The news of my acceptance into the programe was met with overwhelming joy in my family as my twin brother Tyler was also accepted. While we are probably not interested in becoming astronauts like twin engineers Scott and Mark Kelly, I feel that we have very good synergy and together we can change how science is used in the Caribbean as an instrument for change.

One of the reasons I really wanted to be at SPISE is the opportunity to work with Professor Warde, a faculty member of MIT, one of the most important universities of the world, who is interested in helping science development in the Caribbean. This is also how I see myself in the future: bringing the best international experience to the Caribbean.

This is going to be an important summer for me. This is when I will make even firmer decisions in terms of what I want to study at university and so the opportunity to be at SPISE is going to play a big part in helping me design my future. I also think that being away from home in a challenging learning environment will help me to prepare for college.

Of course I am interested in meeting young people from other Caribbean countries and will enjoy the chance to see how different and how much the same we are.

Thank you for your kind support of SPISE. You can expect big things from me following from this experience.


Kieran Neath