Dear Mr. Brathwaite,

A special and heartfelt thank you is extended for providing me the opportunity to attend the Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering 2017. Words cannot express my elation in being selected, and further revelation of such a prestigious sponsor. As I am Grenadian, the discovery that Mr. Brathwaite is the son of one of our former Prime Ministers was a very pleasant surprise.

My name is Timara Bubb, and I am a 17-year-old Year 1 student at the T.A. Marryshow Community College.  Currently, I am under the Natural Sciences Program where I major in Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. In addition to school, I also enjoy reading, music and spending time with friends and family. As an extra-curricular activity, I am learning to play the steel pan. In my secondary school, St. Joseph’s Convent St. George’s, I took part in a plethora of activities, such as Choir, Apostolic Group and Girl Guides.

I enjoy volunteering, and so the PETNA Foundation really served as an inspiration to me when I discovered its mission as a Christian belief-based organization. I would like to become a civil engineer, as this is one way in which I can assist in the many infrastructural problems plaguing my home community and the Caribbean as a whole.

Under the guidance of my college teachers, my colleagues and I were encouraged to apply for the esteemed SPISE program, with hopes that it would not only benefit ourselves, but the future students of TAMCC. As an individual, it was the first time I heard of the program, and my interest was piqued. Although I started the application process late, look how things have turned out! The potential for me to be able to better my home and region was another reason I applied to SPISE. I believe that SPISE is a crucial program in the Caribbean, not only because it encourages the academic and social growth of students, but also because it highlights a way that we (as future men and women) can use our academic skills to better our Caribbean home. As I embark on this journey, I look forward to growing academically, as well as individually. I believe the SPISE program will help me to cement my future field of study at the university level, and allow me to adjust to a life away from home.

Mr. and Mrs. Brathwaite, thank you for your generous investment in the future of the Caribbean – we the youth, especially myself. I look forward to making the best of this experience.

Timara Bubb
SPISE 2017 PETNA Foundation Scholar
Red Gate
St. David, Grenada